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Zahra Public School (ZPS)

Discover Excellence in Education amidst Lush Green Serenity

Nestled within a sprawling 4.5-acre oasis of verdant tranquility, Zahra Public School (ZPS) stands as a distinguished co-educational secondary institution, located a mere 1.5 kilometers away from the charming town of Panoor. Under the esteemed aegis of Jamia Zahra, previously known as Al Madrasathul Zahra Islamic Arts & Science College Paripalana Sangam (Regd), ZPS proudly upholds an illustrious tradition of holistic education

Elevating Minds;Nurturing Futures

Affiliated with the esteemed Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi (Regd No. 931054), ZPS is committed to imparting the highest quality of education while maintaining an unwaveringly cosmopolitan and secular outlook. Our mission is to foster an environment where excellence is not merely achieved but is an inherent part of every student's journey.

Empowering every dimensions of Growth

At ZPS, we believe that education transcends the confines of textbooks. While our academic programs are rigorously designed, equal emphasis is placed on co-scholastic and extra-scholastic activities. Our objective is to unearth and nurture the latent talents within each student. Through a balanced approach, we strive to empower our students to achieve their highest potential.

Guided by legacy, Driven by Leadership

Since its inception, Zahra Public School has been steadfastly led by Chairman Jn.Sayyid Muhammed Makhdhoom Al Buqari -M.A, the torchbearer of a legacy rooted in wisdom and commitment. The school's essence is deeply intertwined with the visionary ideals of Marhoom Assayyid Ismail Shihabudheen Pookkoya Thangal, the founder of Jamia Zahra. As a haven of higher thought and a crucible of future generations, we stand poised to continue this legacy with dedication and zeal.

Your journey begins here

ZPS welcomes students, parents, and the community to embark on a transformative journey of knowledge, exploration, and growth. Our lush green campus provides an ideal backdrop for learning, while our exceptional faculty and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that each student's aspirations are nurtured with care and precision.

Explore our website to delve into the myriad facets of ZPS – from academic excellence to a rich tapestry of extracurricular activities. Join us in sculpting a brighter future, one where knowledge is a guiding light and each student's potential is truly limitless.

Envision the future with us at Zahra Public School, where excellence is not a destination but a way of life.Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities. Welcome to Zahra Public School.

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