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Zahra Public School's campus life is a tapestry of academic excellence, personal growth, and ethical development. Here, we shape students not only academically but also as individuals who make positive contributions to society.

Empowering Student Voices: Introducing the School Council

Welcome to the inclusive spirit of Zahra Public School's School Council, a platform that champions the voice and vision of our students. With a commitment to nurturing not just academic excellence but also democratic values, our School Council plays a pivotal role in fostering leadership, collaboration, and the essence of democracy.

In the first month of every academic year, the corridors of our school come alive with the excitement of elections. Students, from various grade levels, have the opportunity to cast their votes and elect their representatives who will serve as their voices in matters concerning the student body. This process is more than just a voting exercise; it's a lesson in democratic principles that will shape these young minds as responsible citizens of tomorrow.

At Zahra Public School, the School Council stands as a bridge between the students and the administration. It provides a platform for students to voice their ideas, concerns, and suggestions, contributing to a positive and enriching school experience for all. Through this democratic engagement, our students learn the importance of cooperation, leadership, and the significance of making informed decisions as they help shape their school environment.

We take pride in creating a nurturing environment that not only imparts knowledge but also inculcates values that last a lifetime. The School Council embodies our commitment to empowering our students to become active, responsible, and engaged members of our school community and beyond.

Head Boy & Head Girl

Head Boy
Farhan Latheef
Head Girl
Safwana Sherin
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