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Our Exceptional Offerings: Empowering Excellence

L.E.A.P (Let’s Enhance Ability and Performance):At Zahra Public School, we hold a commitment to inclusivity close to our hearts. Our dedicated learning program, L.E.A.P (Let's Enhance Ability and Performance), is designed to provide specialized care and support for Children With Special Needs (CWSN). Through L.E.A.P, we offer the invaluable services of special educators and counselors who work tirelessly to ensure that every child's unique abilities are nurtured and their potential is unleashed.


Design Your Thought:The wonders of our universe are awe-inspiring, and the strides of science and technology stand as a testament to human thought and innovation. Through our initiative, DesThought, the process of learning science is transformed into a joyful exploration. We ignite a passion for discovery, encouraging students to think critically and engage their creative faculties. With DesThought, we guide young minds on a journey of inquiry, curiosity, and a deep appreciation for the marvels of our world.

The Mentor Parent

We understand the importance of real-world exposure in shaping well-rounded individuals. With this in mind, we have established a unique platform, The Mentor Parent. Our pool of professionally qualified parents generously contribute their expertise, sharing insights on diverse subjects such as career paths, creative skills, attitude building, communication skills, and physical fitness. Through well-structured interactions, our students benefit from invaluable guidance, broadening their horizons and preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow. Thartheel: Enhancing Quran Hifz Skills: Our commitment to holistic development extends to spiritual growth as well. Thartheel, our meticulously designed Quran Hifz Skill Enhancement program, is a yearlong journey guided by our dedicated moral studies mentors. We believe in nurturing a competitive spirit in learning the Holy text through stage-by-stage evaluation and elimination, fostering a deep connection to faith and personal growth.

Care and Share

Zahra Public School is more than an institution; it's a community that values compassion and community engagement. Our initiative, 'Care and Share,' serves as a bridge between our students and the broader society. Through meaningful interactions and service-oriented projects, we aim to build bonds of friendship and mutual learning with various segments of our community. By instilling the values of empathy and social responsibility, we empower our students to become change-makers and leaders of tomorrow.

Creative Birthday

Celebrations at Zahra Public School go beyond festivities; they reflect our commitment to values. With our 'Creative Birthday' tradition, we encourage students to embrace the joy of giving back. Instead of indulging in sweets or chocolates, students are encouraged to gift a book to our school library or a plant to our school garden. This simple yet impactful gesture promotes healthy habits, environmental consciousness, and the spirit of sharing.

At Zahra Public School, our offerings extend beyond conventional education. We believe in empowering excellence, fostering holistic growth, and instilling values that shape outstanding individuals and compassionate global citizens. Join us on this transformative journey where education transcends boundaries, and every student's potential is nurtured and celebrated.

Warm regards,
V K Abdul Muthalib
(MA Eng, MA Edu, B.Ed)
Principal, Zahra Public School

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