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Sayyid Ismail Shihabudheen Pookoya Thangal ;
A Visionary trailblazer

In the heart of Kerala's Muslim community, a luminary emerged whose legacy continues to illuminate the path of knowledge and enlightenment. Sayyid Ismail Shihabudheen Pookoya Thangal, affectionately known as Panoor Thangal, stands as the venerable founder of the prestigious Jamia Zahra institutions, an icon whose influence transcends time and borders.

Champion of Qur’anic Exegesis

Panoor Thangal's profound scholarship resonated globally with his exegesis of the Quran. His insights, meticulously woven into his interpretations, found international acceptance and acclaim. His ability to unravel the depths of the Quranic verses earned him the respect of scholars, theologians, and seekers of knowledge around the world.

A Pioneer of Women Education

Panoor Thangal, driven by an unwavering commitment to equality and education, took bold strides in revolutionizing women's education within Kerala's Muslim community. In an era when such a concept was often unexplored, he lit the torch of knowledge for women, igniting a movement that continues to flourish today. His vision led to the establishment of Jamia Zahra, a beacon of empowerment for countless women.

An Erudite Author and Scholar

Beyond his transformative endeavors, Panoor Thangal was a prolific author and a beacon of Islamic jurisprudence and Arabic grammar. His written works remain relevant and profound, serving as subjects of study in eminent Islamic institutions worldwide. Scholars and researchers engage with his texts, extracting wisdom from his words and contributing to the perpetuation of his intellectual legacy.

A Light that Guides

The legacy of Panoor Thangal illuminates the ethos of the institution he founded. His vision for education, empowerment, and enlightenment is embodied within the walls of Jamia Zahra institutions. The values he championed—equality, knowledge, and compassion—resonate through the corridors, inspiring generations to embrace education as a means to uplift themselves and society.

As we navigate the present and gaze toward the future, the teachings and contributions of Panoor Thangal stand as a guiding star. His pioneering spirit continues to kindle the flames of curiosity, illuminate the corridors of learning, and inspire the pursuit of excellence.

An Enduring Legacy

Today, we stand upon the foundation laid by Panoor Thangal, honoring his memory by nurturing a community of learners who are poised to shape a brighter world. At Jamia Zahra institutions, we carry forward his torch, fostering an environment where knowledge, empowerment, and innovation flourish, and where the values he held dear continue to thrive.

Panoor Thangal's legacy lives on in the hearts of every student, educator, and seeker who walks through the gates of Jamia Zahra. We are honored to be custodians of his vision and to tread the path he illuminated—a path that leads toward enlightenment, equality, and the pursuit of excellence.

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