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A Message from the Chairman

Shaping Hearts and Minds

It is with immense pride and gratitude that I welcome you to Zahra Public School, a bastion of learning where we are committed to nurturing not only brilliant minds but also compassionate hearts. Our mission is driven by the belief that education is not merely about acquiring knowledge, but about fostering ethical values that guide our students through life's intricate pathways.

At Zahra Public School, we hold dear the legacy of our revered founder, Sayyid Ismail Shihabudheen Pookoya Thangal, whose vision and tireless efforts laid the foundation for an institution that stands as a beacon of excellence and integrity. Thangal's unwavering commitment to education, his dedication to moral principles, and his trailblazing spirit in championing women's education continue to inspire us to this day.

Moral Integration: A Pillar of Education

Panoor Thangal's profound scholarship resonated globally with his exegesis of the Quran. His insights, meticulously woven into his interpretations, found international acceptance and acclaim. His ability to unravel the depths of the Quranic verses earned him the respect of scholars, theologians, and seekers of knowledge around the world.

Moral Integration: A Pillar of Education

In today's fast-paced world, where information flows seamlessly, we must remember that knowledge is most impactful when it is guided by a strong moral compass. Our curriculum is designed not only to impart academic excellence but also to instill in our students the values of integrity, empathy, and responsibility. We believe that an education that lacks moral integration is incomplete. Through our teachings and actions, we strive to create individuals who lead with a sense of ethics, respect, and compassion.

Honoring the Legacy

As we embark on this journey of holistic education, we keep the flame of gratitude alive for our founder, Sayyid Ismayil Shihabudheen Pookoya Thangal, alias,Panoor Thangal. His vision has transcended time, and his impact continues to shape the lives of our students. We honor his memory by upholding the ideals he cherished – the pursuit of knowledge, the empowerment of women, and the promotion of global understanding.

At Zahra Public School, we take immense pride in nurturing young minds to become not only skilled professionals but also responsible global citizens. Our commitment to excellence is matched only by our commitment to empathy, social responsibility, and the pursuit of moral integrity. I invite you to join hands with us in shaping a future where moral principles are as important as academic achievements, where kindness and respect thrive alongside knowledge, and where our students lead as compassionate, principled leaders.

Thank you for entrusting us with your children's education. Together, let's carry forward the legacy of our founder, Panoor Thangal, as we embark on a journey of enlightenment, empowerment, and ethical leadership.

Warm regards,
Hon. Sayyid Muhammad Makdhoom Al Bukhari
(Chairman, Zahra Public School)

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